Welcome to Mechanical Support Systems, Inc’s [MSS] new website where you can do much more than learn about our products.  Now you can quickly input size variables for each of our products to meet your specific requirements, generate a request for quote, track and access your online RFQs anytime!

MSS’s revolutionary Smart Support Systems improve the performance and life of metal and fiberglass air ducts, hydronic, process and utility piping, tanks and equipment, etc. for industrial, commercial, institutional, hi-tech and bio-medical new and post-construction projects.

Our Smart Support Systems have been engineered for below grade, exterior and interior installations.  “Project Manual Product Specifications” pages are available for downloading and have also been included in our Catalog on pages 12 and 13 that may also be downloaded.

MSS’s newly developed Cantilever Support System, innovative cost-savings Single and Over/Under Pipe Racks, Seismic Brace and Custom Stacking Supports have been designed for optimal installation efficiency and maximum space utilization.

From start to finish, we are committed to providing our customers with smart performance.  We look forward to providing you with all your mechanical support needs.

LMA Signature

Linda Allivato,
CEO and Co-founder