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SmartSupport Kits®

Engineered to Exceed Industry Standards.

Offering customized duct and pipe support systems since 2O13

MSS, Inc’s. revolutionary SmartSupport Kits® properly support metal and fiberglass HVAC duct and pipe systems for industrial, commercial, institutional, hi-tech, biomedical, hi-end residential, etc. new and remodel projects. SmartSupport Kits® are shipped to job sites in boxes ready for immediate installation and include all the necessary installation hardware.

Our SmartSupport Kits® have been engineered to exceed industry standards, look great and will last the lifetime of your project!


What We Offer

Need supports for your metal duct or FRP pipe but don't know what kind, how many or where to put them?  Send us the mechanical duct drawings for your project through our Request Quote form and we will provide answers to all the questions above in accordance with SMACNA standards.

Proudly made in the USA

Our Products

FRP Pipe Supports

Metal Duct Supports


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MSS’s underground supports saved at least a month’s worth of field labor. Without Mechanical Support Systems’ below-grade supports, we wouldn’t have been able to keep our FRP duct off the bottom of the trenches. When the supports arrived on the job site, they were ready to be installed right away. Everything fit together just right so we didn’t have to do any cutting and putting them together was simple and quick. Because our resin layups were able to be done faster, smoother and cleaner.

~Partners in Progress Daryl Feder,

National Sales Manager
Spunstrand, Inc.
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We have been distributors of HVAC equipment for over 12 years. It’s important that the products we represent continue to perform over the life of a project. I’ve seen ductwork and pipe runs on projects poorly supported by make-shift strut supports that over time just don’t hold up. MSS’s problem-solving expertise from design to installation helps me meet my customer’s expectations.

~Kurt Polchow, Creative Climate, Inc.