Ideal for below grade, at grade, suspended, roof-top and equipment applications.  Our patent pending innovative quality support systems:

1. Meet and exceed industry standards.
2. Protects shape of duct/pipe against deformation and flow constriction.
3. Address seismic and wind load requirements.
4. Relieve stress, load concentrations, fatigue and maintains system integrity.
5. Are void of penetrating screws that can cause air leakage.
6. Provide optional spring isolators.
7. Come fully lined with rubber type abrasion shield.
8. Reduce vibration transmission.
9. Optimize use of space.
10. Encourages use of longer duct/pipe joints for fewer connections or lay-ups.
11. Optional single or over / under pipe racks available.
12. Reduce installation costs (no field cutting required) and total in-place costs.
13.Includes installation hardware.
Manufactured from materials that meet industry requirements for durability and
corrosion resistance, we also offer alternate materials (e.g. Stainless Steel,
Titanium, etc.) to meet unique project specifications. Special requirements
include additional corrosion resistance (e.g. sea water, chemicals, abrasion, etc.),
and nonconductive properties (e.g. resistance to electrolysis, static
electricity, electromagnetic and thermal conditions, etc.).