Cantilever Bracket 360° Support
Product No. 100-C


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360° Cantilever Bracket Product No. 100-C and Wall Mount Vertical Riser Product 100-WR supports have both an upper and lower 180° half-saddle manufactured to O.D. of pipe with welded stem for added strength.
Width is determined by saddle diameter.
Saddle widths are manufactured in 4”, 6” or 8”.
Saddle material thickness varies from .1345” to .5” depending on loads.
Stem has 9/16” holes evenly spaced to accommodate other MSS accessories.
Saddles are connected with Grade 5 zinc plated nuts and bolts.
Our Cantilever Bracket supports easily adjust up or down and connector plates accommodate diagonal, longitudinal or transverse seismic bracing.
Supports are fully lined with rubber type abrasion shields.
Threaded rods cut to length. Nuts and bolts provided.

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